Striving to live in Him, instead of in the world

From Believing…to Receiving

Hurricane Harvey is here...and I have some time on my hands.  So, here it goes. Junior high...Jesus?  Is he real?  My family is all at church together.  One by one, they step out into the aisle to be baptized, lead... Continue Reading →

An open letter to that mom…

"Us" moms know which mom I am talking about...14 years ago, I was that mom.  Yesterday, my friend joined me in this group that I never wanted to be a member.  And again, my heart broke.  For her, and every... Continue Reading →

Longing for an ordinary day…

As I journeyed through the most difficult road traveled for any parent, I was fighting alongside my boy as he battled the cancer that would take him from me.   I remember the agony I felt and the longing for... Continue Reading →

Cancer…the “gift” that keeps on giving

So many of us have had our share of being touched by cancer.  I can say that none of us feel that it was a "gift" that we ever wanted.  But the truth is, for me, cancer has been a... Continue Reading →

We are weak…but He is strong

Well, as I have shared about the heartbreak of my divorce, I have to also share about this new chapter that my Father has provided for me.  My husband.  My sweet, gentle, loving husband.  The day I decided to face... Continue Reading →

Bringing honor to our Father…even after a divorce

Well, this is something I haven't publicly talked about...for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it is one of the two biggest heartbreaks of my life.  I am talking about divorce.  The truth is, so... Continue Reading →

How God uses the nest…

As I reflect on the last 18 years and realize my nest is quickly becoming empty, I am reminded how God uses His creations to teach us the most valuable lessons.  Bailee is my baby.  She is 18 and graduating... Continue Reading →

When I knew I needed Him

When I was a young girl, barely in junior high, I remember laying in bed one night and realizing that I was going to die, that life would end on this earth for me one day.  That was a hard... Continue Reading →

We all need a Savior…

Well, it's not a book.  But it's a start.  Sometimes, I just think God wants me to speak.  Other times, I KNOW He wants me to be quiet.  Finding that balance is what I strive for.  I am a work in... Continue Reading →

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